If a guy comes all his way to say hi to a girl

Hey guys! Just got a question for you. couple days ago, I was at the gym and there was one guy I knew from class was saying hi to me. I wasn't paying attention and he came over all his way and said hi again, greet me and asked if I was waiting for someone. When I said yes, he was a little bit disappointed. Could this be some signs of interests? Also, if you haven't talked to a girl one-on-one but had couple discussions together in class with a little flirting things going on, will you chase a girl after class just to say hi? help!:)


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  • If he keeps saying hi to you he wants to get to know you better. From my experience showed my cards to quick and on the same day I met her I guess she didn't want to give her number out because she was like not yet, I'm not that easy... Men usually stop trying after they get bored and seems to them like its going nowhere so watch out for that.

    • So say you aren't familiar with him but after class out of blue he chased you and say hi, is it involved some kind of interest?:)

    • The only reason he would say hi to you is because he thinks your attractive. If he doesn't know you than theirs no other explanation in my opinion.

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