Why would a guy bother doing this?

Had an internet 'thing' with a guy for the period of a year, I wouldn't meet up time and time again as I felt he was too good for me, I kept being hot and cold with him as I have no confidence, he still kept coming back, he asked me to meet up the last time just 4 weeks before he met a new girl who he is now with. we didn't speak after now 7 months after he has gone through an album out of the blue and 'liked' a pic that reads: 'never get too attached to anyone because attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to disappointments'...he isn't the type to 'like' stuff, so I'm worrying is he meaning it in a nasty way or meaning I disappointed him cos I never met him maybe? else why bother looking through my old photos In my albums to let me know something?


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  • Let me simplify what you did. You got his hopes up, then you took them away. He was too good for you? Please, that is a weak ass excuse.

    • i don't see it as weak, I don't think I look as attractive as I do on all my photos, plus he's well educated and has a great job, are you meaning that he meant it as in I got his hopes up then took them away? I seem to think he meant it as I was hot and cold with him, towards the end I could be pretty nasty to be honest

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