Is he scared? should I take the leap?

I have a best friend who also happens to be a kind of boyfriend hard to explain but I got upset with him and I decided to end the physical relationship that we had jst I started to like him more and I was scared to take to the next level and might lose the friendship we have. I started to regret my decision I called him repeatedly he wouldn't answer I texted him saying how I feel no avail I called again he answered. He sounded like he was crying saying he was asleep he'd call me tomorrow. He never mentioned how he felt jst I feel like he likes me more than he says am I wrong should I take the leap?


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  • It seems that he's really scared as you are in taking things further because both of you are afraid to take it to the next level in fear of losing the friendship you've established.

    You should really take the leap, and see for yourself what happens. In the dating world, taking the risks will always reward you with big rewards.


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