Out with the old, in with the new

I've had the so called 'boy band hair' since I was sixteen years old - not on purpose but between short to medium length hair and people's perception/exposure of/to 'pop culture' - I've become know for it.

Basically, I've wanted to change my hair style for a while now as it's been the same for for what seems like forever, I'm older now and obviously have grown up - so the 'teen bopper style' isn't me anymore.

So the above long winded analysis leads to my question -

Have you ever wanted to break your mould or public perception and adopt a new style.

If so, did you just go for it or did you do it in stages?

And yes, I know the above is a little dramatized but hey when you've been seen in one light for so long, any change will be noticed, obviously :-)


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  • I've constantly changed my style to accommodate my maturing age.

    I simply went for it.


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