How to give him a hint that I like him but not make myself a fool?

I met him recently. We were in the same company, and we gather with the aim to finish a project. I had a great feeling he likes me right from the start. He is a bit selfish when it comes to this- no one is right but him, but he is 10 years older, not handsome and I guess he feels that smartness is his only way to show off. And we have an intellectual fight from time to time. And then one of other guys was having a laugh with me and HE was angry at him, made a silly fight and threw him out of the room. After that he has changed. He is a bit colder. But when we are left alone he is different. The point is- he notices small things on me- like new badge I wear, headphones when I just pass by and after he asks me what I'm listening to, etc. And then he offered a ride home yesterday. I said I already called a cab. And he said- Cancel the cab, Ill take you home. I went with him and sit to the passenger seat. He said- you could sit and drive. In the end you will drive. And when I looked at him he turned the conversation around. Also, it bothers him when I talk to other guys around. But still... He didn't give me a clear hint he likes me. And I'm scared to go forward and do something since maybe he will turn cold (or maybe I'm worng about him liking me) and I don't want to turn out to be a great fool in that organisation. What should I do? What is a good way to act?


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  • It seems that he likes you.

    By spending time with you at his car and even forcing you to cancel your cab, he wants to cherish the small time that you'll be together. It's clear that he's into you.


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  • Oh he's into you hun, obviously you've caught he's eye! He likes you. You could text and thank him for the ride home! Then everything follows

    • Oh... I do hope so... But the problem is- he acts a bit arrogant towards me sometimes. And I am scared that he will do something rude. Actually- this arrogance confuses me. Why would somebody who likes you act like that?

    • Hmmm makes sense. I have no idea why he does that, hun! Maybe he just needed some ego boost and his only way was being a bit arrogant towards you and your coworkers. And maybe arrogance shows dominance = ego boost.

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