Not good with confrontation...

I have never been good with dealing with confrontation, there used to be a point where I would literally never confront someone about something with out having a few drinks because I never had the balls to say something unless I had a little "liquid courage". I have a couple times even pretended to be drunk so I could bring something up. I don't know why but if I have something to say to someone that could possibly bring on a fight I get severely anxious (like sweaty hands, racing heart, etc). Have you ever been like that and how did you get over it?


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  • I personally have never been a fan of confrontation, even certain TV shows can make me feel uncomfortable enough to change the channel.

    If you go into things expecting a confrontation, that is usually what you will find. I have done this time and time again where I ended up making things way worse, because I had it in my head how things were all ready going to turn out.

    Just simply go into these things as a discussion, talk things out. It's amazing how simple it really is. If things turn to anger, and certainly if there is any type of violence. Get out of that situation, there is no reason to ever live with that.

    As for the drinking thing. Please don't use drinking as a way to deal with bad situations. Believe me it only makes them worse. I left my last girlfriend of two years because she used drinking as an excuse. I loved her so much, but it wasn't a life that I was willing to live. Please learn from our mistakes, because the world is full of wonderful people, and life really is too short. =)

    • I don't drink anymore because I did cause myself a lot of problems, and I do put it in my head how something is going to play out and that's what causes me so much anxiousness. That's why I normally just keep stuff that bothers me to myself. I tend to get emotional if someone starts yelling at me, which means I'll end up crying and making things even worse

    • But that's just the thing. I used to keep things that bothered me to myself, but in the end it led to many failed relationships. I think when I kept things to myself, they would build over time and I would be much more resentful of that person. But a person can't fix something that they didn't know was wrong. Relationships are hard, and sometimes they do bring tears. But don't let any one person take too many from you. You seem incredibly sweet you should be with someone that makes you smile.=)

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