How do I go about finding my friend?

I had a friend and we were like sisters for about two years...she changed her entire name because she didn't want to be associated with her real family because there were a lot of issues and she was pretty much raised by her boyfriends family. Anyways, she broke up with her boyfriend and moved across the state and moved in with a new boyfriend who she had just met. The only thing I know about him is that he is a hard druggy. She didn't want her old family to know where she was so only a few people knew where she moved to, me being one of them. about 6 months after she moved, she texted me and asked me to send her a 'sexy' picture of myself with my shirt off...which is not like her at all..and when I kept refusing, she got mad and stopped texting me.. and I think it may have been her new guy pretending to be her. I texted her a few weeks later and didn't get a response..and texted her a few more times over the course of about three months but I've still never heard anything. I asked the family that she was living with if she'd changed her number but they haven't heard from her either. She deleted her Facebook too so I can't find her there. It's been over a year since I've heard from her or of her and I've been worried lately...and I've searched all over the internet but I can't find her anywhere. The other night I dreamed that she's locked in a basement...and I know it's just a dream and that's very unlikely...but I'm still worried just because we were so close and then it suddenly seems like she's disappeared from the face of the earth. Any ideas on what I could do?!


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  • Hire a private detective!


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  • You should ask her friends/close classmates/ someone who knows her.

    If you're really worried, you should hire a detective.

    It will cost much, though it will put your worries away.


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