What's the best Birthday Gift?

So it's pretty clear from the question,there's this girl who is a bit older than me and I like her,what could be the best birthday gift I can give her? she's a Marine Ingerneer btw,and I don't want to give her something that says, "I'm crazy about you",but something that rather says, "I wish we were more than just friends",please help me.


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  • Flowers is a good pick. Other than that, something that she really likes or needs, pay attention to what she says she needs or she would like to have, of course nothing expensive. Even her portrait done in a cartoon way, would be awesome. The majority of the girls like things that come from the heart and that´s it. For my birthday, my love got me a picture of a Sunset that he took. He knows I love sunsets and he sent it wishing me a happy day. I loved it!

    • Thank you so much,for the great advice,I already gave her a flower on women's day,a framed protrait is sounds good too,she like taking pictures of nature.

    • Just make it special by being you the one who takes the picture, something that says that you took the time and went the extra mile just for her. :) Keep us updated what you get her and how she reacts!

    • Yes I believe effort is important,and appreciated,thank you so very much,I will indeed keep you updated,it ight take soe time, because her birthday is about a few weeks from now ^^,

What Guys Said 1

  • A homemade meal, made with heartfelt feelings.

    • Thank you sir,I don't know why didn't think of that,though I'm a very good cook.

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