What are stupid things you say?

Do you ever say something and then think about it like "why did I just say that?" For example, the other day I said "okie dokie" and then two seconds later thought that sounded so stupid. Do you have any of that happening, and what did you say?


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  • In high school, we all said "that's so gay" and "that's retarded". Now that I look back, I hate that I said those things because they're so offensive. I'm sure I said those things in front of people that were offended by them but never said anything.


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  • I always experience that.

    I usually keep to myself on what I'm going to say .


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  • Lolol, yeah I know what you mean. That happens to me a lot too, but then I just brush it off & laugh at myself. Once I was in class, and somebody was whining about all the homework we were getting. . and I said "Do you want some cheese with that WHINE?" & I thought it was the stupidest thing to say lmaooo, but everybody in the class started laughing.


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