Which university in the USA to go to for a masters degree in English teaching major?

Hey everyone, I am new here and I need your opinions.

I want to continue my further education and get master's from a university in USA. Which one would you suggest me for English teaching major? You can add anything more than what I ask you for.


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  • I heard teaching is a hrad job to get cause teachers don't retire unless they are very old

    • Yeah but I want to become a university teacher:)

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    • Yeah If not for the hard major I took I would love school but it makes me study wayyy to hard. Good luck tho.

    • :) I guess each is a hard major in its way.Thanks,u too.

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  • Every state is different. In California, the best schools to earn a degree in if you want to teach would be the Cal State schools.

    • What examinations do I need to take,do you know?

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    • Ok,thank you for the info:) I think I can see more clearly :)

    • Not a problem. Goodluck!

  • I wouldn't even go to the USA for something like that. The problem with higher education in the USA is that you graduate with a mortgage, but no house


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