What if she never says "husband"?

this chick I work with once a month I know just got married back in December. she doesn't know I know, and I'm pretty sure she likes me Because she always tries to keep conversation and other things. I was just curious what a womens thoughts on her saying we went to 'his" moms for Easter and then my parents when I asked how her Easter went. wouldn't you normally say my husband or boyfriend? she always seems to avoid those words. just a new thing I've noticed


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  • Some women take a while to get used to the terms that are commonly affiliated with marriage. She's telling you that she went to his mother's house, which is a clear sign that she is not hiding the relationship or welcoming any side courtships at all.

    No, I would never say boyfriend. Where I come from that term is not considered a positive one. I used to refer to my ex husband as "husband" in some circles and "my guy" in others. I would get irritated if people called him my boyfriend while we were engaged. That's just me, though. Conservative. Not everyone is the same...

  • you are reading into things way too much. fact of the matter is she's married and you better respect that.

    • im actually not really attracted to this girl. I like her personality and that's it, but she's not any1 I'm going after. I'm nice to her and that's it, but she flirts with me. I was just curious as I've noticed little things throughout the last 3 years. its more for my ego I guess

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