Anyone good with English? I need help writing a thesis paper

I have to write a thesis paper on a poem and need some help/advice! I'm

Horrible with thesis papers and poetry! Hahah

Thanks in advance


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  • do you have to use that specific poem? Otherwise I'd recommend Macavity.

    The most important line is

    "his coat is dusty from neglect, his whiskers are uncombed"


    A study of Reading habits.

    Optimal line

    "books are a load of crap" or just "crap"


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  • There are a lot of people in the internet who will do it for you for the cost of about $0.01 to $5.00.


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  • I'm not really good at writing as well. But I know where you can find some professional help. Personally, I usually use the help of Supreme essay service. Those guys always both proofread and edit my papers. But I'm pretty sure they'll be able to help you with writing, as well. So check how they can help you. Best of luck!

  • I`m not that good, but online writing services are definitely master in writing issues. Feel free to try and convince it`s the best!

    • Yes, Emma, you are completely right. Could you please share with us what exactly websites you use. There are many not that reliable and you have to be careful who you pay your money. For example, I have heard much good about Marvelous essay service. Have you got this one in your list?

  • What poem are you writing about?

    • I'm writing about "Barbie doll" by Marge piercy.

      The question is:

      Choose one or two poems you have read in this book in which a single word or a short phrase seems crucial to that poems total effect. Write an essay in which you work our carefully how the poems meaning and tone depend on that one word.

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