Former Chief For Reagan Says US Spends Too Much On Defense, Agree?


I'd say I DEFINITELY agree. Considering we spend 59% of our discretionary spending on defense/military and our military costs are almost greater than the ENTIRE WORLD COMBINED (definitely the top 35 countries combined), that's a little excessive. And keep in mind for you "conservatives" out there. This is a man who was a member of your messiah's cabinet.

It's not just Reagan's adviser, but Obama's as well, many economists, and most people around the country who don't have an invested interest in the military industrial complex.

I mean, seriously, why do people not listen to Eisenhower's warning of this?
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  • Defense spending, like all government spending, is out of control.


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  • I think it is, but with the amount of enemies that America makes on a daily basis, whatever they are spending on defense now may be considered stingy in a few years time

    • Sorry man but that is not true. America spends so much on security and defense that one years defense and security budget would be enough to feed the top 5 poorest countries for 20 years. Most of the money is lost or stolen. We sent a pallet...yes a pallet of 100 dollar bills to Iraq but it somehow disappeared.

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    • it will only get worse once the financial "recovery" reverses as I think it will. Geopolitical skapegoating will be used to cover it all up

    • Sarcasm is sometimes hard to tell by text alone :P

  • Of course I agree. Watch Eisenhower's farewell address. He knew what was going on. This country IS the imperialists that other countries say we are. We piss away so much money on defense and security it is ridiculous. (5 stars)

  • Conservatives equate how much money is spent on national defense to security rather than actually HOW it is spent. The U.S. should spend however much is necessary for security and stability and not a penny more or less.

    • I agree, how much is necessary, but we're spending WAY more than what's necessary :\ much of it is wasted money to contractors who have rigged the system to get our money so they can make a buck instead of things we really need. See a prime example recently: Congress approved more tanks to be created (wasting more of our money), but our military says they don't want or need them. Why is this happening? The military corporations...

  • Stop calling it defense. It's no-bid contractor war profiteering, and it goes without saying. Only some sort of imbecile would believe this is for their defense.


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