Are you a fellow wanderer, a kindred spirit?

A girl on here asked about living in a van, and it got me thinking. What about you? Who has a little Walt Whitman or Jack Kerouac, a little cowboy poet in them, just aching to get out?

When I was a little kid I was always wandering off. As soon as I could walk, I'd just bail on the day at the park and walk to my grandparents' house, twenty blocks. Or I'd wander out of the yard and end up down by the river with my dog, miles away. At age two, I was a rambling man.

Right after high school I began the long series of random scenery changes that has been my adult life. I've lived mostly in the eastern part of the country, but traveled as far as San Francisco - I lived in Denver for seven years and loved it. The rest of the time I wandered between upstate New York and Florida, with stops in between.

Last year I toured most of the summer on my motorcycle. I've wintered over with family in a poorer Red State, and now I want to run screaming for anywhere Elsewhere. Get away from overcast and poverty and submission to the Man.

It's spring again, and I'm thinking of going completely off the grid. No more years-long hitches in an apartment or a house somewhere, with a job at some corporate cube farm. Living in parks and wandering trails all over the country, setting down roots on paper in a new state, but spending all of my time wandering, without four walls to pen me in.

I'll probably use a car, truck, or motorcycle to get around, and camp in a hammock. Whatever is the least inhibiting, easiest affordable, and most nontraditional way possible. Work online or as a computer repairman, or do labor and office temp jobs when they come my way. Take photos of rock climbers and music festivals and peddle them online.

Eventually I know I'll have to get an RV or something for a base camp. But why not live like I'm a retired person already. There's nothing but debt and drudgery inside the box. I want to stay out of it. I'm used to it now.

What's your take it? Who do you know that lives like this, and what tips, contacts, or adventures do you have to share? Question 822295
  • I like life that I can predict, with an extended plan and goals, like a career, home, setting down roots, etc.
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  • I want to live free and roam wherever the road takes me. I don't need a 5 year plan, I just want to see what's on the other side of that hill.
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  • It's nice to have a base camp - house, job, that sort of thing, but I want to wander on vacation most of the time.
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  • C, easily. I enjoy having a place that's my home, but I'd love to have the money/time to go vacation and travel and explore. But always want to come back to a warm and comfy home.


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