Please Help!! before summer arrives lol!

okay I have a dark scar on the back of my leg. Its really not a big deal but I want flawless legs for the summer so that I can wear cute dresses and shorts! I'm kind of self concious about it. I heard that nadinola bleaching cream works to help fade scars and dark blemishes. Is there any suggestions on what I might need to try because I need something fast acting before the hot weather arrives. I really want to be comfortable this year and feel confident. I have tried maderma and its not really working. my scar is fairly new and a dark pink color. looks unattractive:( plzzz help! __thankYou...


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  • There are a few things you can do. Firstly, Burt's Bees Rosewater toner is really good for evening out dark spots. You can always try to dab a little of it on your scar and hopefully, you will see the results within a week or two. Secondly, bio-oil is amazing! I have used bio-oil for my acne scars in the past and it has worked like a charm. You can also try using lemon juice! Cut a lemon in half and rub it on your scar daily for at least two weeks. Lemon is good for any darkened skin anyways so it's perfect for anyone trying to get rid of a scar. Finally, Sally Hansen's airbrushed leg spray is AMAZING! It's obviously not a permanent fix because it is just make-up. But it's water resistant and it gives your legs such an amazing glow and makes them look flawless! I actually use it on my shoulders and chest too and sometimes on my face as well. It's great!

    If all else fails, you can try going to a dermatologist. They can usually prescribe you some fancy creams or medication which will help your scar fade away a lot faster.

    I also found this website which I think you might find useful: link


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  • I'm not sure how long healing it will take, but if you want to wear shorts and dresses soon, you could always cover it up with an oil-based paint in your skin tone. It sounds weird but it's effective. When I was a lifeguard my coworkers would use oil based paint to cover up their tattoos since we had a no tattoo policy. It doesn't come off with water and it's not noticeable.

    • hmm:) very intreasting ha ha it wouldn't hurt to try.. I think once I start tanning it won't look as noticiable against tan skin since I'm so pale right now it just looks so dark:/ I hope it goes away soonn though. thankyouuu:)

  • I've heard about bio-oil, Palmer's cocoa butter scar serum with vita E and dermablend but I haven't tried either of them

    • is dermablend supose to work well? iv tried bio oil and it didn't really wrk

    • I've heard great reviews but again, I personally haven't used any of them. Sorry I can't give you like a clear scar solution.

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