How do I get past this?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years now. I don't really count the first 6 months because he cheated on me with his ex, talked to her all the time. I mean I wasn't an angel either, but I never did anything like that. But after the first 6 months he changed into a completely different boyfriend. He stopped talking to her, and seeing her. And doesn't want to be around her. Which it's great in my opinion, I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. He bought us a brand new house, and we have 2 dogs. But I have major trust issues. I don't know how to get past it. I find myself wondering where she is and if she is around us. And if he goes home will she be around? I have a tenancy to stalk her page from time to time just to make sure. And when she's around us at a bar, I get in the worst mood because I'm constantly over thinking things. His ex likes to piss people off, and she is very good at it. And she knows what to do to push my buttons.

I don't know how to let this go...let go of her. I know for a fact nothing is going on. It's just scary. If you were in this situation...what would you do? How would you get yourself out and stop worrying?


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  • If I were in that situation, I would just trust my boyfriend, putting everything I got into the relationship, and stop worry and start having fun.


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  • It doesn't sound like you can get past this. You're feeling this way because you don't trust him. Whether you realize it or not, the bond of trust was broken as soon as he cheated on you more than a year ago. Without trust, you can't have a solid relationship.


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