I can't seem to make up my mind, help?

there's this girl I like, but she has a boyfriend, but then also has other guys that she likes.lets just say she's confussed. well me and her are kinda close I suppose and we have this hate/like friendship. we argue like how couples argue, or lets just say we have chemistry together. well anyways, she knows that I like her but I Haven't told her straight up cause I don't wanna be like the rest of the guys that she's confussed over cause they like her as well. I try to get over it and try to just be friends but apparently it seems that it makes me think about her more and more. I'm close to her family and when people look at us at the way we behave towards one another, they think that we really like each other. but the thing is I just don't know what to do, should I tell her that I like her to get it off my chest and wait and see what happens or should I wait for her to show me that I might have a chance to get with her? anybody, somebody? I just need help on what to do cause I'm getting fustrated even more when I think about her... WHAT DO I DO?


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  • Chances are waiting won't get you anywhere and when she takes off with a guy that did confess, and you'll feel so bad that you didn't step up. I'd say, let her know how you feel, then at least she knows and she can decide what she does with it. Fact is, she has a boyfriend. So if you feel you have a shot that she'll end up with you and ditches her boyfriend, I'd say confess. But don't force or push her into breaking up with her boyfriend, that choice is up to her.


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