Trying to be sexy but just cute?

I try really hard to look sexy for my husband. I dress up in sexy clothing, fix my hair, put make up on. Though when I do this, all he says is that I'm cute. I have taken sexy pictures for him but he just says that I am cute. I want to look sexy for him but I am not sure what I need to do.


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  • Sexy cannot be gained by clothes (or lack of) or how you do your hair, makeup etc. Sexy is an attitude, how you carry yourself, the vibe you give off. Regardless of what you try to do if it comes off as though you're trying and are not really sure or comfortable then you'll look cute - because at least you've tried. You have to become comfortable with who you are and enjoy it. Don't be afraid to be a little bit bold and playful and to take control every now and then.

    • I got to disagree. Sexy has to do with the attraction level.

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    • Its your personality that dictates what type of person you are. Trying to be sexy visually just comes off as slutty. I know women who could wear a plastic bag and still be sexy because its their personality that shines though. A lot of how you are perceived by others is mirrored in how you perceive yourself. If a woman has confidence and is comfortable with her own sexuality then that's going to show externally. If a woman sits there thinking judging herself against every other woman and ...

    • Putting herself down then that will show externally too. You said yourself sexy is a vibe.

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  • If you are brave enough, go to a clothing store with him, and have him select the clothes. That way, you will find out what he likes to see.


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  • Sexy means you give off the vibe of , "I want to f*** you right now."

    It's more about a guy feeling delighted in his pants if anything.

    Either you are sexy, or you aren't.

    Some people naturally have that look.

    What are your best assets?

    Flaunt them for him, even in bed.

    Buy some hot sexy lingerie and high heels.

    Try to even give him a lap dance if your confident enough,

    I'm sure won't say that's cute, and sexy.


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