How should I act with women?

I am tired of finding women with an excessive amount baggage.

I am tired of women wanting to tell me there problems and then them getting pissed at me because I tell the truth.

Should I just start giving women ultimatums?

example; I am going to be at your house at 8pm, be ready!

or "I don't want to hear about your problems"

Next time I just want to ask a women that I am seeing if I she even finds me attractive at all. If she says no then I am gone.

A woman shouldn't have a bunch of guy friends that she leads on and then never do anything with them.

I don't want to wait forever until I am dead to have sex with someone I like. I don't want to wait 2 years of more for some women to come around.

So basically am I finding the screwed up ones or am I a push over?

I won't do riduclous sh*t just to get laid to impress a women.

If she wants someone to drive her to the airport and we are not dating then she can call a cab.

Should I start acting like a d***?

If not then why do women say bullsh*t like they want a man who will listen and be kind to them?

Because I am starting to think that even the shy and quite ones also want drama.

Ok, I will clarifiy then. I don't mean that people shouldn't be friends with who ever, I meant when women purposly lead a poor group of "nice guys" on and use them.

secondly, I don't want to be an a**hole or a douche bag. I am always going to be genrally a kind person and that will never change.

I am not going to change myself for anyone unless there is a reasonable reason why.

I will state what's on my mind, but I try not to be a jerk, I just try to keep from being a door mat.

Third when I mean baggage I don't mean that I can't stand that she likes a certain band or that I don't want to hear about her hurts.

I mean like when you ask a woman if she wants to have sex then says yes and f***s all your friends and then later try to claim that she was raped. I don't mean there was miscomunication. I had witnesses. She just wanted to send me to jail because I guess I was friends with some people that she was trying to get even with.


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  • What do you think dating is? I will tell you what *I* think it is. Dating is going out with people and trying to figure out if they suck or not. If they do suck, how much do they suck- do they suck too much to deal with, or is their suckage within acceptable parameters? Sometimes I think the person sucks. Sometimes the person thinks *I* suck. Sometimes we both think the other is okay, and then... someone starts to suck. Then we break up. The process begins again with a new person. That will happen- to me, at least- until I find someone who keeps not sucking who also thinks I don't suck. We might be together for a long time, neither of us sucking, until one or the other of us dies. The End. That's dating. I date different men, and eventually SOMEBODY sucks until maybe one day nobody sucks and I live happily ever after. There will be a**holes who are mean to me, and nice guys I don't have anything in common with, and guys I think are awesome who aren't that into me... this is how it goes. What are you looking for? You want to find someone who doesn't suck, right? Who also thinks you don't suck, right? Well... you have to keep looking! You will feel annoyed and you will feel taken advantage of, and you will have your heart broken, and you will make mistakes, and women will confound you and you won't understand AND WELCOME TO REAL LIFE.



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  • I don't know if you are finding the screwed up ones, as you put it, or if you are a pushover- but from what you posted you seem like you're pretty pissed off. So what I'm going to do is give you a link. If read it and see yourself, then work on that. If you don't... I have no advice to give because I don't know a thing about you. But I will wish you luck. Here's your link: link

    • So what your saying is what? I don't want to be a douche, but I don't want to be a "nice guy" either.

      That artical seemed like it was saying no matter what I am a "worthless pig!"

      I don't want to just f*** her and leave her. All I want is to find a decent women and have a full healthy relationship. I don't think its going to fix my problems or anything.

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    • Check it out: women are in a catch-22. If we are honest and forthright and say what we mean, we're mean old harpy cu*ts and we hate men and are bad people. If we try to let a guy down easy, then we are mean old harpy MANIPULATIVE harpy cu*nts and we hate men and are bad people. Maybe men feel their in the same position- I don't know because I'm not one trying to date women. But I will tell you from personal experience, I feel like we can't win. Often I feel like the only "correct" option ...

    • is to STFU and date whomever wants to date me, because I feel like my preference doesn't count at all. If I don't want to be classified as a mean old harpy etc, I had better just play along. Only I'm not going to do that, because if exercising my free will makes me a mean old harpy etc, then I will be that all day long. I get to have feelings to, goddamnit. And mine aren't less important just because I have a vagina. And I don't owe anyone access to any part of me-I give what I want when I want.

  • "Should I start acting like a d***?"

    Too late sir, you already are. Your attitude will make all women run for the hills. It is not womens' fault that you gave things to them as a "friend" while having secret motives of becoming more than a friend...and then got so angry when things didn't go your way. You were the one being deceitful. Not them.

  • You look like Tyler Clementi.

  • All this and you are complaining about women having baggage? O.O

    • This is the best help you ever are going to get.

    • Look, I thought about it, I'm sorry for what it's worth.

    • No worries! The idea is to hear what you don't want to hear.

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  • You are being a pushover. You are being a boy instead of a man, and these women don't respect you as a result.


    When I was in high school, and still figuring this stuff out, I would ask my girlfriend something like "where would you like to eat?" Her answer was always "I don't know, you pick." So then I would start listing places, and she would say, "no, something else" to everything I said. I would go back and forth for 10 minutes like this.

    Finally, I got smart. I would ask "where would you like to eat?" and if she didn't give me an answer, I'd just go where *I* wanted to go without any further discussion. Do you know what happened? She started taking me seriously, because if I asked her a question, and didn't get a real answer, I would make the decision myself. She learned to either be decisive or to accept my choices, but either way, she didn't waste my time anymore.

    I do the same thing when we're going somewhere. If I say "we're going to X, so be ready by 7pm, because I'll be there to pick you up before then", and it hits 7:01pm and she's still "getting ready", then she gets left behind. Will she be mad the first time? YES! She'll be shocked and upset, but you know what? She'll never be late again, or if she is, she KNOWS she will be left behind, and she'll know WHY.

    This isn't being mean, it's about acting like a man and demanding some respect. I always ask my girl for her opinion, and I take her into consideration when I make a decision (and, often, we do what she wants to do), but once I've made a decision, that's IT, and she knows it. She knows I mean business, and you know what? She LIKES that I take the lead and don't take any BS. She knows that when I say something, I MEAN it. That not only increases her respect of me, but also makes her feel secure.

    Girls will push you and test you, and if you are WEAK, they'll take over and RUN YOU, because they won't respect you.

    You don't have to be a jerk or a douche, but you can't be spineless either.

  • Being an a-hole or a jerk is the best way to go because that's what many women are attracted to, but there are ways you have to do it. Here are some tips.

    NEVER chase women. The fact is women always have men out there that want them.

    NICE GUYS FINISH LAST, PERIOD. Nothing more needs to be said about that.

    Ease off of the compliments. Imagine you having your favorite food over and over and over again. No matter how good a compliment sounds they get tired of it quickly and some women will look at you as desperate.

    Drama is a thing that women crave, even when they say they don't want it or don't like it. Drama keeps things interesting and "fun" for women.

    Don't let women play stupid. They will try to blame you when things don't work out and they always want the advantage. They KNOW why we are there in the first place, but they will try to make you the "bad guy" for it and try to say things like you had "hidden intentions". They know damn well we aren't looking for "friendship" when we first start talking to them, but it's what they desperately want to believe deep down. Don't fall for that game.

    Women like to be right even though things don't make sense. So when you state what's on your mind and you are making sense, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. STOP TALKING SO MUCH!

    When you are out on a date, let the woman do the talking. For the most part women don't care about anything you have to say, they are looking for ways to disqualify you. Sometimes it's the stupidest things. Example, if you say you don't like cats and the woman does, some women won't see you as a potential mate or sex partner. If she starts to talk about other men CHANGE THE SUBJECT FAST.

    The 3 date rule. If she doesn't put out by the third date the woman is telling you that there is no chemistry. Don't talk about intimacy, just go for it. Kissing, touching, etc. Don't throw yourself all over a woman, but make it clear by ACTIONS that you want her that way.

    Don't have women as "friends". They know damn well that you want more, and they are laughing their asses off at you. I got women telling me all the time about these guys that think they have a chance but they don't. We have friends already. How many friends are you sexually attracted to?

    Image... This is a big one. Many guys think that money is needed to get women. That's part true. You have to appear that you have potential. Women lie to men and are deceiving from the get go, so if you have to have a specific image so certain women will be attracted to you so be it. Become the alpha male.

    There are many more things I can tell you, but this could go on all day/night. Go to Start listening to Tom Leykis. It's a talk show, but he talks about this kind of thing all the time. If you have any objections just remember, what you are/were doing wasn't working.

  • You should not try to be a ****. I don't know where you get your generalizations from. Maybe you've gone through some life experiences that made you think this way.

    So often, guys tell girls that "I don't want to hear your problems". That isn't being honest. That is being blunt and inconsiderate. Men must be able to be good at listening. As for "I will come to your house at 8". You didn't give us much to go by (context). It could be that "8" is not a good time, and you would need to communicate with her to come up with something. Or it could be that your body language and expressions convey something that the girl reads incorrectly. You don't have to change, but you should know that you need to be aware of yourself. But that is hard for us GAGers to know, just from a few hundred words you wrote.

  • you just act like they are below you


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