Happened a while ago-need some advice

Okay here is the situation-I dated this girl for about two months. Now we all have our problems. Her family is dysfunctional and mine is somewhat too. I was there for her day in and day out when she needed someone most. When I came with my problems when I needed help, she threw me out to the curb, saying I stuck my nose where it did not belong and I am an evil person. She won't talk to me and that is fine. However I get that feeling that when I talk to another girl and she sees it, when I'm out of sight, I'm feeling that she is saying things like that guy has problems etc. I know it sounds redundant, but after that, I would not put it past her. What is your take on it.


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  • she prob hates her life and is taking it out on you try to find someone emotionally happy and handles life well.


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