Boyfriend meeting hostile, closed minded parents

I am in love with this dude. I have never had a guy treat me so special and with as much respect as he did. We will disagree yet compromise.

He is a great hard woking guy & I want my parents to see that too.

However, they find fault because he is white ( which is bullsh*t), he is 10 years my senior and the fact that we will be in a LDR until I am done with Med school. He will be by that time a doctor.

Neither my mother nor father are opened about the idea and don't seem interested she says she will curse him out and dad says he will ignore him.

I think it is disrespectful and rude and it will hurt me as much as him but I feel like they need to meet him what are your views? How can I prevent that from happening?
he is 32 and I am 22


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  • Since you're old enough to make your own decisions, you're happy and he's a great partner, your parents feelings towards this situation needs to come after yours. Of course you have to take notice why they don't like him if they seemed to have a good reason (disrespectful, badly mannered, smelly etc) but from what you've said, they don't.

    The only thing I can say is to give it time since you seem to like him so much, and see where your relationship goes in the future and perhaps try here and there to bridge a relationship between your partner and your parents. From what I've gathered, they're not very accepting of your independence. Where he is in his career (as long as he has a stable income and works hard) shouldn't be such a concern since you are of course younger than him. That's not a situation that you can change - what I mean is, you can't change your age and you can neither change his.

    Whatever you do, keep your wits about you. Don't take life too seriously and most of all enjoy the time you have with him and your parents both. Good luck.

    • Thank you well said

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    • :o Well, I'm glad you're not standing for that kind of treatment. But I wish you all the best and I'm sure you'll find someone worth while in the future who will make you really happy :)

    • Yea thank you

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  • If they are so firm in this attitude, don't bring him to meet your parents. Keep telling them his good points. Eventually they'll at least ask to meet him, and be minimally polite. But maybe they won't really acccept him until there are grandchildren.

    jDon't give up talking to them about his strong points as often as they are willing to listen.

    They will listen to you, even if they claim they won't.

  • Well, I'm Chinese, and I don't know how my parents would react if I chose to date a white girl. That being said, try talking to your parents. Just do your best to try to convince them.

    • I think it is because they are west Indian and a bit old fashioned. They will come around I am not leaving

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  • a family member of mine is dating a guy who's Way older than her. my father was against it for a while, but eventually he began to accept him as he realized how much they loved each other and what separation can do to them. I think you should show them your boyfriend (if you are serious for each other and think you will be together forever), and in time, your parents Have to get used to the fact that you two are dating. At first they won't accept him, but in time, they have to. But if you're not serious and think the relationship won't last, trust me, it's not worth introducing him and creating a Big family drama like how mine was...

  • Why is being white a bad thing?

    • I wish I knew. I guess they want me to date within my race

  • that's ridiculous. honestly don't bring him to them.


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