He says he's not into IT? But his actions are opposite!

I have a friend at work, our friendship got pretty intense. I'm in the midst of a seperation and he's always there to talk to me. We finally had sex the other night, amazing and intense! He was even uncontrollably trembling, which I've never had a guy do. A wk later he tells me he's not into it. But that wk at work he flirts, eyes me down, grabs my arms, smiles. What gives? I'm confused! He did just go through a divorce and warned me he doesn't want anything.


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  • well its pretty much what you said hun. you're going through a seperation and he's recently divorced so he's trying to take it easy between you two. it sounds like he's attracted to you but maybe just needs time. and maybe you do too. it can't be easy going through a divorce or seperation. if you're comfortable with him still being a friend for you then I would look at it that way. and as far as the attraction goes I'd play it by ear and see how it goes. he sounds like a nice guy and a good friend who's been there for you. and maybe he doesn't want to go through the hurt he's gone through once before. take care ok? I hope things work out for you.

    • Thanks for the insight, I do need to concentrate and love myself right now, but god I care bout this guy, sucks!

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