What makes guys lose interest?

I've noticed a trend with some guys in my life. I'll get to know them a little and they'll show some signs of potentially being interested in me. Like be a little more reserved around me when they aren't with other girls, seeming to place value on my opinion of them, saying very sweet things about me that I definitely don't think guys say about their friends, getting a little awkward if I compliment another guy in front of them, etc. They'll seem to really like spending time with me and that type of thing.

I'm not sure why but they all seem to lose interest in me after some time. Maybe they weren't interested in the first place but it seemed to me like they were, at least a little. They won't really initiate spending time with me and they don't text or anything. I'm not really sure why.

I'm a shy girl but it's not like I don't talk to them or ask them to hang out. Actually its usually me initiating conversation/hanging out. I don't flirt really because I don't know how so maybe that's it? Not sure. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I don't get why I can't keep a guy interested in me (assuming they liked me in the first place). Or maybe I just read the signs they give me all wrong.


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  • We lose interest, when we think you've lost interest. Remember, we basically go by what you're doing, as is you basically go by what we're doing, so if you're sending us "lost interest" signals, we'll probably lose interest too

    • hmm that's interesting. so is asking them to hang out and that type of thing not enough to show I'm interested?

    • If we think you're not interested, we'll lost interest..however the hell you girls show "non-interest"

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