What to get boyfriend for graduating college

We are both graduating from college next month and I want to get him something. Any ideas on what are good grad gifts?


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  • A congratulations card.

    Some hot time together

    Maybe even take him out to dinner or the movies.

    It's the thought that counts.

    • Thank you. Yea I think I'm going to do that ^ plus take him out to a place for dinner that I know he will love!

    • That's great ;) he'll love everything

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  • Someting that will last forever..an inscribed ring, for example. Or a cut stone with both your names inscribed on it, and a short message..a favorite phrase you use with each other...

    • Thanks. You gave me a good idea for something personalized. I think a photo collage with photos of us together.

    • Another good idea!

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