I'm getting a red flag vibe. need to see both sides here.

ok. I met a guy online. I shared one pic as he had three up. He asked if I had anymore and I responded that I was on Facebook. we added each other.. then a while later I responded through the site that it was nice to meet him and talk later. He responds w "it not interested" I took that as I'm not interested and said OK bye. I took him off fb and went on about my day. I little bit after that I got a message from him saying he meant "ur not interested in me?" so I said.. oh yeah, you're someone I can see myself hanging out with." he msged back saying. OK I thought the same about you.

so a few msges back and forth in am then last night after work I said "hello. whatcha doing?" and still no response. wtf? I don't get men. at all. how do you go from showing interest to nada in less than 24 hrs after saying they're interested. help me get it folks. please.
things are good. he was at a coed softball league all weekend and those can be intense. Things are moving forward. so glad I didn't let my bitch out too soon ;)


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  • If its only been a day, give it some more time. He may be busy.

    • i should not send another message tho right? Like a "did I say something wrong?" msg? haha

    • No no. Don't send a message like that, especially since from what I've read its not like you said anything offensive to him. Try to wait it out at least a few days. Hope it works out, keep us posted ;)

    • Excellant. Thank u. I do too.

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  • Just putting it out there... Although "wtf?" isn't the best reaction... could it be that he doesn't get what "whatcha" means? I say this sometimes and have thought once or twice that someone might not get what I'm on about...


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  • Normally a guys trying to get to know you or is seriously interested they normally respond. He might just be busy also though. If it keeps happening then jus move on.


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