Are these numbers on the scale accurate?

I bought a new scale because I am obsessed with my weight, like obsessed.

On my new scale

My body fat is 22.4%

muscle is 40.9

and body weight is 53.3%

Are those numbers good?

That was this morning without using the facilities

I am 5'9.5 190lbs and am 21 years old and a guy. I go to the gym 4-5x a week. I used to be morbidly obese, which is most likely the cause of my obsession.


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  • My opinion is, don't use the weight scale as your guide. Rather use the mirror.

    "Getting the body you want, comes with a vision"- this quote has been said so many times by great bodybuilders and great fitness trainers.

    Ill give you some broscience knowledge on bodyfat.

    If you can feel your abs but can't see them in the mirror unless you flex them real hard, then you are around 12-15% bf.

    If you can see an outline while soft, and the whole pack while flexed you are around 9-12% bf.

    If you can see your abs, see veins in your arms, veins in your pelvis then you are around 6-9% boyfriend. (im at this boyfriend right now)

    If you have striations in your chest, and striations in your *ss, then you are below 5% boyfriend which is dangerous unless you are going to a bodybuilding competition.

    • wtf "im at this boyfriend right now)"

      I put bodyfat acronoym: "bf" and it translated to boyfriend >.>

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  • All that matters is your body fat percentage.

    For a man:

    anything below 8% is unhealthy

    8 to 11% is a professional bodybuilder

    15% or less is what the air force requires

    up to 20% is decent shape

    up to 25% is the average American.

    over 25% is obese

    for women, all those numbers apply, but just raise them all by 8 or 9.

  • Scales and charts are not that accurate. They can not measure how hydrated you are, bone density, muscle mass vs fat... they only guess based on your height (if you can even input that?) and weight.

  • No, those body fat scales using electrical resistance are not very accurate.


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