What would be your impression. thoughts. feelings. If a girl/ or guy, you like fir a while-says this to you?

I would prefer to see you less frequently over a longer period of time, as apposed to more frequently in shorter period of time.

Which is why id like it if we lived in the same city for a year. So we would have a chance to get to know each other without the narrow time constraint. Too much pressure.

I like you. I don't want to rush but that doesn't mean I just want to toss him away. I'm not ready for a serious relationship or sex at this time.I’d like us to have time to get to know each other slowly..

I’m’ not really tied down to this place. So if you feel strongly about leaving, I don't have a problem relocating for a year.. Obviously we wouldn't live 'together --Just in the same area.

We would have the option of spending time together. We are not obligated to, but we _could_.

If we don't then its obviously not important to BOTH of us so its no great loss. At least we had the option


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  • So from what I gather from this, is you're into this dude, but you don't want to rush things and jump into getting tied down too quickly, and would rather let the relationship unfold on it's own...my question is, are your feelings strong for him as his are for you?

    • It is my impression we have felt strongly for each other for years. He has said as much to me.

      While I have never mentioned how I feel to him, I have felt it. I believe it must be somewhat apparent to him.


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    • If I felt that she was into me for real and not just holding off for someone better, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But I mean, that's me, I can't speak for everyone else.

    • so what would you want to hear from her, that would give you the impression she was genuinely into you?

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