Need help for the beginning and ending for an exam about globalization!

i have an exam soon and I have to weite an essay. English is not my first language but I have to write the essay in English so I thought maybe someone can help me with the beginning and the ending of the essay

here is a sample exam: link

for the beginning:

"Our wants are various and nobody have been found able to acquire even the necessaries without the help of other people and scarcely any nation has not stood in the need of others."-Anders Chydenius, contemporary known as the classical liberal of the Nordic history.

and for the ending:

As most things in life there are good as well as bad aspects about the growing interconnectedness of nations and markets. Globalization entails great challenges. Conditions for business activities are fundamentally changing. Small firms as well as the mulitnational ones face many threads but also a lot of opportunities. Since there are unfortunatelly no plans which exactelly tell how to succeed in managing an entity in the international environment decisions and plans have to be made caregully and specific for each enterprise.

what do you think about it? any better suggestions about beginnings or endings?


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  • It's a good one.

    Go for it. Nice writing skills.


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