Self-conscious about what to say...suggestions?

I need to talk to my friend. I did a lot for her this year(when she found out she had to get surgery I was there for her, when she found out the injury was bad enough to end her athletic career I was there, I got her Christmas and birthday presents), yet she has literally done nothing for me. I mean, she has been there to talk a few times but she would always rather text than talk face to face. All I want from her is time to talk face to face and to tell her I love having her friendship. She's funny and I always feel better when I talk to how do I tell her that? I want to take her for lunch, but she keeps looking at it like me doing something for her, when really she'd actually be doing something for me because all I want is to spend time with her to talk and stuff. How do I do this and what could I say? I know I've done a lot for her and she's done very little for me, but all I want in return from her is simply time to talk/her friendship. What should I say or do to make this clear?
Any help would be extremely appreciated!


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  • Try this:

    "You've helped me over some rough spots and I have done the same for you." or

    "We've been there for each other," or

    "We support each other,"

    Can (possibility)/May (probability) we enrich our friendship by getting together?"

    If needed, set a time and place: "How about 'The Greasy Spoon' at 5pm on Friday, or whatever you want?"



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