What should I get my boyfriend for our one year?

So my boyfriend and my one year anniversary is coming up in May. I'm stuck on what to get him and need a little help. He's nineteen, recently got a new car, likes video games but I have no idea what he likes to play, really. I don't really think I'll be making a scrapbook or anything, that sounds kind of lame to me. I was thinking of a watch but his friend already got him one this past Christmas. Money isn't an issue, I just need ideas. Please help?


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  • Awww, my one year is in May too! Congrats! I'm getting him a nice laptop, he needs a new one. Asked a few of his guy friends for their opinions and I am confident I have something he'll really like. (I hadn't met them, so messaged them on Facebook and it was a lifesaver!) My runner up idea was golf clubs, he needs new ones of those too, but he needs the laptop more so I went with that. Hope this helps! (: Oh, and I'd say lingerie for you is always a good bonus gift, if you're to that point in your relationship.

    • A laptop could be nice. ;o Or a new t.v. or something? hmm. hahaha, lingerie would be nice. ;D

    • Yeah, I bet he'd like that if he needs one...sigh. I don't know how guys think. >.< But they spend so much time with their electronics, they must like them, right? Oh and I also got us front row tickets to see his team play, if your guy likes sports...it's baseball season! :)

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  • How about getting him an accessory for his car based on his favorite video game?

    Or get him a new video game.

    • I don't know what video games to get him, though :( I was thinking of something for his car but I don't know. :(

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  • A year membership to xbox live.


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