What do you think about this article and the comments....

i really I hope this question doesn't get deleted

i found this ariticle on the missoulian that was posted on Facebook and read through it and the comments that were posted on April 11th titled: "senator max baucus says montanans are opposed to gun control. what do you say?" I only wanted to point out one of the comments made by a mr. james danks stating: "as far as I'm concerned 'gun control' means having the safety on."

there is completely no offense implied to anyone for my pointing that comment out. I just found that statement interesting and a little amusing. I hope you understand how folks view the entirety of it all and that everyone should be allowed express their view and should be respected for having a view on this issue in the first place.

and no not everyone in montana is like yosemite sam either.
thank you respecting yosemite sam lol


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