Which would you rather be with (guys)

1. A girl...maybe about 5'2" and 145ish pounds...not a stick, but not huge. Kind of a nerd, but not to the extreme. (who the fu** am I kiddin...HUGE nerd, but can control it...better) Not super sporty, but can play a few rounds of tennis to pass the day away. Has an amazing sense of humor, and loves to laugh. Great with kids, but can carry on an ACTUAL conversation when needed. Doesn't giggle at every word you say just so she doesn't have to talk. Also, this may be a deal breaker for many, wants to wait until marriage to have sex.


2. A super skinny, tall, and tan girl. Always looks amazing, but can't really carry on a conversation. Has no real personality, she just kind of...is there. Not really opinionated on anything and just kind of goes along with whatever you say. Always puts on make up to hide her flaws from the world. And...would jump in bed with you without givin it a second thought.

Please answer.
To Katkainkwit...fine I'll name some of my bad qualities. I'm slightly lazy, and I love food. I am way more shy around people I don't know than I should be. I am deathly afraid of roller coasters or...basically trying too many new things (trying to get over that.)

However, I would spend a day on the couch playing Halo before I'd wind up at the mall with a few of my friends.
To the commenter...I made up the second girl...nothing really...I just wanted to see how many guys would take a whorish air head over someone who can actually contribute to the human race...
I don't think y'all were getting the point of this question. I made up girl 2 to see how many guys cared more about sex than personality. Girl one is me...with a few better things. Neither are 100% true. It was kind of like a...survey...to see where society is now.


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  • Girl one by a very long shot. Hell, the update even makes her sound better. I'd not want her to control the nerd in her though.

    Waiting until marriage...Depends on if that involves actual sex only or everything around it.


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  • 2. The last lines of each were the deal breakers. The huge nerd is a plus, I like short, thinner is nice but I could live with the weight described, personality was better on 1, and I don't like tans.

    1. Sounds like a great friend. But she's not looking for the sort of relationship I'd be interested in if I were single.

  • This question is way too biased... but alright.. I'll answer:

    None of them

    I don't like skinny girls, I like curves.. but I also like girls who take care of their appearance, it's always a + from me.. it's not JUST about appearance - it's about her mindset - it's about knowing that she agrees that appearance indeed is important not just something "superficial" or unimportant

    About the second girl... gosh - she totally needs to drop those extra pounds, start to love food less and sports more

    Also it's kind of contradicting how she can "actually carry a conversation" while still making excuses why NOT to talk.. to be honest - it's the excessive shyness that is a deal-breaker for most of guys, not her interests or attitude towards sex

    • That lane is: "It's about the FIRST girl" not "the second" - typing mistake, my bad

    • Thank you for answering like a normal fu**in human being. I wanted mature answers with explanation. Thanks so much! xD

    • ..sure, don't mention it

  • I would choose first girl. You do seem stuck up though by the way you wrote it. I get your point though. Please take no offence.

  • 2nd one

    • Yeah and I was just giving you crap cause this is really biased lol

  • From that information, I'd rather date the 2nd girl.

    • You should probably also mention a few more of girl 2's good qualities. I doubt that being hot is and comfortable with sex are all she has going for her.

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    • Seems unlikely. That's the sort of think I'd want to witness over a few dates before ruling her out.

      And FYI, this doesn't prove anything about "where society is now." All this does prove is that you're bitter and jealous of girls you perceive to be more attractive than you. Probably better for you to work on that.

    • Uhm, I'm not jealous...I can see how you go that though. I mean, I'm not the type of girl who wants every slightly attractive guy I see. I only currently like one guy, but I don't want it to go anywhere. I'm only 15...I don't want a serious relationship, so why would I be jealous of those who have them?! Tell me that please, because I don't understand it. I mean, if I got into a serious relationship now...it'd end in about 3 years at the latest...

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  • ...questions like this lol they take all of the good quailities from pretty girls just to forcibly make guys lean to the average/not so pretty girl.

    • and id like to spend that same day in the bed...playin COD on ps3... but play station network was down for maintenance today... which ruined my day. I'm pretty...not an airhead. I think most extremely pretty girl have more to them than their faces but its hard for people to get to that point because of stereotypes

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    • i feel like yours was sarcasm lol

    • Mostly confusion hahaa

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