Girls.... why do you do this?

There is this one girl I see that works at a shop I go to from time to time, and I rarely see her. But I saw her today and she'd go out of her way to sort of be ... louder/ more noticeable so that I'd look over (I honestly don't say that in a stuck up way, but since it's not an every day occurrence, it's easy to point out.) She keeps looking/staring at me, and when I walk out she basically yells "BYE *insert my name*". I try to talk to her after she gets off when I saw her on Facebook, and she just seemed so annoyed by me...

If a girl doesn't like me, I could not be anymore understanding, I get the hint! But have you ever just wanted to say "Pick a personality and stick with it!".


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  • Hmmm that is strange. Do you think that she was just in a bad mood on Facebook?

    The only other thing I could think of maybe she's playing a hard to get ordeal

  • sorry us girls can really be douche bags sometimes..i'm gonna speak from experience & say that it may have not even been you that she was annoyed with..

    I've done this before- be friendly with a guy and then later give him the cold shoulder on FB. I get quite a few annoying msgs from guys on fb, so when a guy that I may actually like msgs me, I'm rude with him too just because I'm so frustrated already..or I may be short with him or ignore his msg...and everyone elses.

    Its like my personality or mood changes depending on the setting/environment I'm in...I may be feeling chill or whatever during the day, and then all it takes is one thing to annoy me and suddenly I'm getting pissed off with everything & everyone...I don't mean to be a bitch, unfortunately it just comes out, and then I'm rude to people who don't even deserve it


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