Why say your feelings and then say this...I didn't get it.

I had talking to this guy from a minute. We click and there is a lot of chemistry happening b/t us. He finally admitted that he likes me a lot which is cool cause I told him the same. But the issue is why would he say to me not get attached...Idk why would he say that. Its like you admitted your feelings for me but you not ready to move into the level or wat...I dnt get it. please tell me cause I lik its wasn't worthed?


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  • he may not be ready to get into anything serious. he could be talking to other girls and knows he's not ready to commit to one person. he could not really want a committed relationship and is more looking for a casual thing. Or he could know that he just isn't someone who can give everything to a relationship and thus doesn't want to hurt you later on.

    regardless I think you should take what he said for face value and not get to emotionally attached to him

    • its a casual thing. but why say wrds to me lik you feeling me. I dnt wnt that now but I do lata

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    • perhaps, but I wouldn't count on it

    • Y. Lol wld he b lata on. But did he tell me were there nuthin going to happen that's what get me mad

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  • He is not looking for anything serious.


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