How to act? Gym trainer paralized.

I've gone to this gym for 3 months now and I've been eye flirty with this cardio trainer. We have never shared a real conversation, just crossed words three times and all for irrelevant reasons like "is a treadmill available?", "we're out of tissues over there", "can I help you" type of things.

We get very tense when walking past each other. We're always searching each other with the gaze and will hold gazes for seconds. Hell even sit on a machine or stand right next to me when I'm working out in some station, but he won't say a word. He's very social, everybody knows him at the gym, but around me he's just there, a mummy. I've caught him staring and spying on me like really, looking around a corner with big eyes, hiding the rest of his body. It's ridiculous.

Why won't he say a word?!


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  • You are not going to believe it but I go through the same thing right now, I caught the trainer staring at me, at first I thought he was staring at someone else but then I realized that every time I attend a class like cardio or pilates I see him staring at me,he usually stands or talks to someone outside the class and I can clearly see him through the mirror, sometimes I workout on my own with dumbbells in front of the mirror he's across the room but I see him looking at me. When I go to the gym or leave the gym he's usually at the lobby when I greet him or the girl at the reception desk he looks down or seems busy with something he never looks at my am I just overreacting? Why is he acting like that I have no idea,when I say 'goodbye' while leaving he says goodbye but his face is always looking down he never looks at my face. What to do?!

    • it remains a mystery to me. isn't it frustrating? because he looks at me and stares so intently I began to like him. His casual stalking actually worked, now I'm eager to see him when I go to the gym. This week I lost my gloves for weights, so I will lamely use that as an excuse to talk to him. Because I never talk to him, no Hi, no Goodbye. But when I look at him, he doesn't look down, he holds the gaze and then we both let it drift away.

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  • haha staring at you around a corner and hiding the rest of his body? That made me laugh, get a restraining order.

    Seriously though sounds like you make him really nervous, and if he is sociable around everyone else it means he likes you, but he finds it intimidating to start a conversation with you. If he is a trainer maybe try asking for advice on cardio, and just build on that.

    • Yes, it's odd. Last night when I was leaving, I went downstairs, he was going upstairs, our gazes met twice. The second time, we were walking already out of sighting range and he said "hello, good night". Kind of frustrating to wait till the last second to whisper a word. Hope this arms up. Thanks ;D

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