Would a guy get offended if I say he intimidated me?

Theres this really muscular guy that I know, and when I walk, I walk with confidence. We exchanged glances but he intimidated me because he looked a bit angry... I'm planning to message him on Facebook? What is the best way to phrase that the reason that I didn't talk to him was because he intimidated me by his good looks and his aura? He probably thinks I'm a bitch because I walk with arrogance as well


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  • Oh, you can't tell what he's thinking.

    Just say that your mind was on something else (it was, him!)

    Telling him that you were intimidated says something about your self-image/self-absorption. Best to not mention it.

    You don't need to be intimidated by anyone!

    I read somewhere, "You're breathing? You have a low self-image."

  • You should just message him that.

    That's actually the best way.


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