Your friend ignores you, leave him be, or ask what's up ?

We went to high school together, he dated my best friend and me and him would talk here and there, always over text, we never hung out or anything. When we graduated we stopped talking, now were in college, happen to go to the same one. When new year's came, I happened to text him happy new years! He answered a few days later, and since then we talk almost everyday, or at least 4-5 times a week. He recently stopped answering my texts, it's been a week, I saw him at school yesterday and he ignored me and walked right by me...I have no idea what's up and haven't texted him. What do you suggest ?


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  • Simply ignore him.

    He's not worth a friend.

    • That's what I've been doing and he hasn't put any effort into contacting me, if I mention something he's going to say he was busy. So I just think I'm gonna take your suggestion and and when/if be contacts me well take it from there.

  • Ask him if he fancy s a beer or going down pub.

    it's guy code for I need to talk to someone about stuff

    he mite just have a girlfriend now


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