so girls, if there's a guy you don't like, isn't it a waste of time to argue with him all the time?

This girl says she doesn't like me and keeps making fun of me, calling me names and arguing all the time. isn't it a waste of time to argue with said person? Especially if he tries his best to stay out of your way but you'll find a way to start something?

If you acted like this, what are you trying to say? If you have such a big problem with him, wouldn't it be bettet to ignore him and stop trying to argue with him or telling him his jokes aren't funny when he isn't even telling it to you?


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  • Honestly, there's arguing and there's arguing.

    There are the types of arguments that keep the conversation going forward, as odd as it seems, and stimulates both parties (in the long-run) to achieve something beyond what they would have achieved without the constant... debating and nagging.

    There are the negative types of arguments that destroy a person because hurtful language is used to break each others' egos while both your defenses are down. THOSE are definitely deal-breakers for me.

    There are fiery arguments that lead to fabulous make-up sex... Need I say more?

    To me it looks like she's in the middle of a very awkward form of foreplay. She's teasing and making fun of you -- a tactic that may have worked for her in the past. What do you say/do when she does that? Do you just stay quiet or do you tease her back? Sling a little bit of her crap back at her and see what happens.


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  • Maybe this girl likes you.

  • It would be better to ignore but some girls just like drama.

  • if I sincerely don't like someone I wouldn't argue with them, because theyre not worth my time. so maybe she like's you but is trying to show it in a play-fighting type of way? can you answer mine please?

    What will my boyfriend think when he sees me topless for the first time? What will his reaction be to seeing me topless for the first time? What is this first thought that crosses his mind? I'm 32c with a 28 inch waist, so no I don't have big boobs but will he still like it?

    • I agree it sounds like she likes you. I use this method often, but also other times it's just frustration.

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