Why is my fiance suddenly so insecure?

We've been togther for 10 years. At the time she was super popular and I was kind of a nerd. I just felt honured she wanted to date me and I still do. Our relationship is still great if you ask me.

But recently she's insecure about everything, which she didn't

to used to be. Like she's anxious about what people think of her clothing, what she says and does, what my parents think of her. When I look at another girl for just a fraction of a second she imeadeatly gets that really sad look on her face and it's killing me

I don't get what could have possibly changed? We lived in New York the past 7 years and now moved back to our hometown in Georgia. Sure people are gossiping more here, but is that all? She also couldn't find a job yet, but that's okay because I have one and it pays well enough so we won't have to worry about money. And she always said she wouldn't mind staying at home sometime


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  • This is very complicated situation, I would ask are you still keeping the romance up. It never ends and will always be your primary responsibility. It doesn't always have to be new ideas all the time. Respond so I can answer.

  • First of all, congrats. Good to hear about a 10 years relationship that is "still great" -

    I think we could be speculating for hours about the reason(s) causing her sudden lack of confidence.

    Why don't you just ask her ?

    there could be many reasons really.

    Put on weight ? (usually you only notice after awhile, when it's already gone really bad...)

    Reduction of her social circle ? (you said she was popular, how is it now ? why ?)

    Loss of social status because unemployed ? (so it's not even about the money)

    I'd be honestly interested in knowing the genuine reason if you ask her.


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