Will he ever change his mind?

I've been with this guy for months who I used to be friends with. He calls me most days, we see each other a few times each week and he says he needs me and couldn't live happily without me. However he hasn't said he loves me, I asked and he said he felt it sometimes but never wants to say it. He also says he doesn't always feel very attracted to me even though he always kisses and hugs me and wants sex so I don't get that. He is scared about the whole boyfriend girlfriend label and scared of really committing to me. We are exclusive though and he said he'd never dream of cheating.

Thing is, I'm not happy without him. I'm completely dependent on his validation and he knows it. I never cancel on him I just tell I'm he is my whole world and wished he felt the same.

My question is, do you think there is any chance his feelings could grew if I wasn't so obviously needy and low in confidence and pride or do you think I'm being stupid staying? Thing is when I'm happy an he's happy we are amazing together but his resistance makesme sad and I keep trying to convince him or get him to open up but that only makes it worse


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  • There's a chance if you will start distancing yourself from him.

    Let him chase for you.


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