Is my body shape somewhere in between a pear and an hourglass?

My measurements sound pear shaped, and they are 34/35-28-40. But then I don't fit into some characteristics of pear shaped girls. For example, a lot of people say pear shaped girls have big hips/bums but small boobs, and although I wouldn't say my boobs are absolutely huge, they are not small. My bra size is 30E, and in the shop where I get my bras, my size is in the 'fuller' section because of the E cup. And people have told me I have both big boobs and a big bum. Also, apparently pear shaped girls tend to have narrow shoulders but hourglasses have shoulders and hips that are balanced. I've also been told I have broad shoulders and my shoulder and hip measurement are pretty much the same size. So does this make me in between an hourglass and a pear or am I still considered a pear? If pictures would help you can look at my pictures in my account. Thanks very much :) xx


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  • you are technically pear but in a good way because traditionally people think of pear as having small boobs and a big bottom.


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  • You would be considered pear shaped still. But your waist is so much smaller than your hips! I wish I looked like that! I think that for an hourglass shape you have to have pretty similar measurements for bust and hips, even if they are not large. I'm about 39-32-45 so yes I am pear shaped too! Back to the gym I guess...

  • It's pear shaped

    Even if your band size is 30 or if your chest measurements are 35-28-40 or if you were 30-28-40, you're pear shaped



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