How am I looking? Advice and opinions needed!

Hey guys and girls, I'm new to the site and wanted to ask my first question. Its a bit of a long winded one but hopefully the questions can help me out!

Okay so I've always been a fairly sporty and athletic person, competing in football teams and playing many different sports for hobbies. However after sustaining quite a major footballing injury a few years back I went from being athletic to quite a large guy, putting on a lot of weight through not being able to exercise regularly and bad habits. I went from around thirteen stone to eighteen stone...

Around a year ago I managed to start training again and have lost a lot of weight and really changed my image, I'm now around 12'7 and very athletic, however during this time I've also went as low as twelve stone on the dot, at six foot this looked to skinny and I literally lost all of my muscle mass.

After that I decided to put on a little and maintain whilst decreasing bodyfat percentage. Overall I'm much happier again however the same old problems keep niggling away at me and I struggle to perceive how I look. Obviously I want to be seen as hot and a lot of people have told me I'm around an 8/10 which would be awesome however I feel they may be lying to try and make me feel good! I don't know where I am on the scale anymore and whose in and out of my league, could you help shed some light?

Since it won't led me add a link to my post I'll upload to my profile..
If possible it would be really helpful if you could rate me or identify what type of look I am, am I;


Below average




What look do I best fit too?
Anyone else fancy answering this? :)


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  • You look preppy to the regular causal kickback style I think. As for the rating, I would give you a 7. Your personality can very much boost up your 'score' on the 'scale', and by just the presence you give off from your post, I can tell you are quite likable, so that will work in your favor as well. It's all in preference to whomever you are trying to attract. In general, don't focus on what your scale is an image alone, because there are a good handful of very good looking people I've dated, that have personality to make them look like a 3 to me. But I am a tough case, Anyways. You are fine, don't worry.

  • You look hot!(:

  • i think you look good. no worries :)


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  • I'd tap that.

  • your second and fourth picture are setting off my gaydar.

    • Does that mean you assume I'm gay? I should have clarified above I am actually straight! :)

    • You only look gay in those two pics. not the other ones.

    • To be fair I'm dressed as a mouse in the second one so can't realistically argue my case there!

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