Girls always say they have a boyfriend

This is pissing me off. Even girls I know are single say that. I know they are saying that cause they aren't interested, but damn I may not be either when I barely even know you. Usually when they say that I just just say OK, well it was worth a try and then I'll just say nice meeting you and walk away. Should I be doing something different? I'm tempted to say I have a dog and just pretend she didn't say that the next time a girl pulls that sh*t.


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  • Well I can answer only 2 times per that's my full point. You meet one of those, you say whatever it is you say to them and they say "Sorry, I've got a boyfriend". You can say what you thought but not being way too rude or anything. Did you ever reply to that with "So what?" may continue or may not. If you want her naked in your bed it simple as that - CHANGE THE APPROACH! You're young, seem intelligent and you're probably attractive... If you don't know her and just meet her now, gotta be like really cheesy but not creepy stuff like: "I've never met you, you look very beautiful, my name is "something", what's YOUR name (yeah, accent on it). If you've seen each other around and kinda been there already with the name sh*t just walk to the girl and be like casual, like you don't care as much if she'd ever want you, but in the same way showing interest. I know, I know, it's confusing...they're annoying, I know, but being yourself is good in a relationship, in sex terms not really. Also you can still be what you are, just changing the attitude. Be like "Haven't seen you a while, "blabla", how are you? When she says she's OK work trough stupid mindless questions like that to which you already know the answer to before asking for a date or whatever you ask them that gives you the "I've got a boyfriend" reaction. Compliments are important but don't over do them as well, she'll think you're a creeper. If you squeeze trough some pointless questions and see her smile pop up the date sh*t.

    Remember girls like these like attention. They all the time have unofficial contests with their "best girlfriends". All you have to do is get one of those interested in you then you go pre-selective on them which means - one girl likes boy for no reason, when another girl is around him, she wonders if that other one is around him maybe he's cool and and worth to be selected. Do that you'll have most of them. But gotta get one to pay you attention. Look at their lips more than the eyes, and make them laugh with jokes...

    It's very long answer but like I said in the beginning I only got 2 times right to answer and you were interested. Of course I don't know the situations but it gives me that your approach is weak. Change it to more little questions with cheesiness and jokes, occasionally looking the lips and BE CONFIDENT THAT YOU GOT HER even though you're not sure one outta 3 should be interested in this! That wraps it together. Hope it helps! :P

    Girls would kill me probably for that post...


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  • Haha you have a dog! lol made me laugh =)

    Girls are trouble! I know! I don't even understand us!

    When pursuing a girl I think the best way to do it is be like hey I think we should hang out sometime (say how you know her) and give her your number.

    If she replies then score! If she doesn't well then hey its her loss. Plenty of fish in the sea they tell me

    • I know. I don't even have a girlfriend yet and I already have a headache. The next time they pull the I have a boyfriend bs I'll just pretend I didn't hear and keep talking until she gets up and walks away. Either way I have nothing to lose. I've tried it the way you explained to and being all sneaky like that doesn't work either. Girls aren't stupid unfortunately. I just need to change up my approach and do something different.

  • Because when we tell guys anything other than that they seem to figure that "persistence pays off" and they keep incessantly asking us and it's GD ANNOYING!

    • So do I just need to keep trying with different girls until I find one or should I cut through the bs and be like hey I just wanted to get to know you not marry you, you're moving a little fast. You know some line like that.

    • As soon as a girl says no, or declines your offer in any way, move on to the next girl. I wouldn't tell anyone I was at all interested in dating I had a boyfriend.

      It pisses me of SO MUCH when guys keep trying!

  • What's your question, you got an answer already...Why do you care? Check your age it's kinda like mine, girls this age are mostly sh*t, what do you expect? I don't got girlfriends, they all think about their hair and rank (as in boys that like them), attention seekers would be the gently way to call it. If you want one of those, there goes a headache. What do you want? Sex? Relationship?

    If you want the second I recommend you select your targets better, if it's the first it has a point...but what do you tell them, how do you try your hooks when they reply you with "I have a boyfriend"?

    • what do you mean by hooks? My questions is should I be giving up so easily when they tell me I have a boyfriend or should I just keep on barreling through and keep talking. I guess if you don't know the girl, you have nothing to lose. Right?

  • If girls tell you that, they aren't interested. You might wanna work on your looks and become hot. Hot guys have more success with women.

    • I do. I make sure I smell good, my hair is nice looking, and my teeth are brushed. After that there isn't much more I can do. I'm in shape. A bit skinny but in shape.

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