After 2 and a Half Years..... Why?

So if you have seen my other posts or my very first post it was about my ex because we just broke up. But was 2 years ago and now I'm writing because I need some final help. A final push you can say, because since the break up I have dated women and I have had sex and I even had a girlfriend but that didn't last too long and I wasen't that hurt from it anyway.

For some reason I keep thinking about my ex from 2 years ago. we still keep in touch mainly because the car I have now is under both of our names and she usually calls every 2 months to see how everything is going. and usually the calls would be just.

"Hey how's the car?"


"ok well gotta go talk to you later"

"later" ..

And she has been with this NEW boyfriend for 8 months claiming she loves him now and considering settling down.

BUT the past 4 months or 5-7 phone calls we've had. She has been weird with me and what I mean is she called one of those times to ask about MY new girlfriend. The other times we would end up getting sexual. or just say sexual things to each other.

TODAY was probably the worst.. Because she was really weird on me...

She calls me while she is shopping for a work dress or skirt whatever.

and she tells me "The song in the store reminds me of us when we first met".

I just said OK.

And she said "yeah I still think about you sometimes and You know I care about you still, maybe I like you".

And she went on, talking about her boyfriend not being sweet or giving her not enough attention...

basically she said that he NEVER says that she is beautiful or cute or anything even after or before or during sex.

And since she is thinking about settling down she is worried that it will get worse later on.

All I said is that the choice is up to her..

she then asks me..

"Do you still love me?"

I said: "Yes I do"

she said: "And you haven't moved on?"

I said: "I've had a girlfriend and I dated some girls and had sex with some of them too.. yeah I'm over you"

she says" yeah that makes sense"

at the end of the phone convo I said "Maybe the universe will bring us back together"

she said "Yeah maybe who knows"

Now I'm not freaking out about the last part but the rest of the conversation has my head spinning and thinking about the possibility of me and her ending back up together. And it is killing me..

Part of me wants her to do her thing and get married or whatever..

the other part of me doesn't want her to fall in love and settle down, I want to settle down with her one day. and I hope she feels the same...

I'm basically losing my mind right now. and I need some help.

I was fine before she called. and now my mind is all over the place.
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Theres Two parts I didn't mention and I hope nobody gets mad at me for forgetting. And I don't believe it will change anybody's opinion.

1: WE are sperated by 800 miles. She lives in texas and I in NewMexico.

2: She confessed to getting her attention "fix" from a guy at work. And said "I liked him because he reminded me of you"...

So I think she got her attention from that guy and Not me. Obviously I wasen't the "first" guy she went to, to get her fix.
After 2 and a Half Years..... Why?
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