Do girls really enjoy receiving flowers as gifts?

I think I'm being forced to ask a question so there it is! Do girls really enjoy receiving flowers? Is it a must in some occasions or can you go on in a relationship without having to ever receive a single flower?

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  • I voted D. I think it's thoughtful but so is loading the dishwasher :) I'm married though so I'm probably more impressed than most with those kind of acts, haha. I wouldn't say I hate flowers because everyone enjoys receiving gifts and being the recipient of a kind gesture! I can do without flowers though- especially on birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines because it's so cliche, however those sort of holidays do deserve some sort of thoughtful acknowledgment. Whether it's a home cooked meal, dinner out, tickets to the movies or whatever... If someone wants to spend the money I'd rather it go towards an experience or something that lasts. Hope you enjoyed my 2 cents :)

    • Lol loading the dishwasher lol that was funny but yea I get what you're saying. I feel the same way about giving flowers but I wasn't sure if it was just me. thanks for writing I appreciate it =)

    • No problemo!

    • Flowers are great, but a lot of things are great! but yes, most girls would absolutely melt over a bouquet of red roses on valentines day.

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  • We do love them, most of us I think. I have to say though, I have never once received a flower from a boyfriend, they never did, dunno why. It was fine, never complained, it has to be given because he feels like it, but I say give at least one sometime. In my opinion though, it is better when it's a single flower or a small bouquet given on a random occasion, than say, valentines or something 'cause not only will they be more expensive on holidays but they are kinda expected, for me it's all about the surprise. Although my dad gives my mom enough flowers every single Saturday to fill up our home with them. Yet he started one random Saturday and only does it because he wants to.;)

    • That's really sweet about your mom and dad. It sounds like they have a really great relationship. Not because he buys her flowers, but because he never stopped being thoughtful :)

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    • I got flowers for my girlfriend on just a random occasion. I woke up a little early and got them before she woke up. And then she woke up next to a bouquet of flowers (lol, not right next to her, you know). She never expected it. Made her smile. Surprise is key

    • Aww, that's very sweet. True thing, surprise is definetly key! Now that's a nice idea for you to take notes on too hyp65 =P

  • To me, love shouldn't be about all of the material things. I mean, yeah, they're really nice, but they aren't what's important. What is important is the bond you share with your other half. It's really the small things that count for me. What my boyfriend started doing was he'd pick off a flower off of a plant or something and run it up to me when we're on a walk or something. That has to be about the cutest thing. :)

    Just to know he's thinking about me, and sees something that he knows will make me happy, is such a wonderful feeling.

    The thing about girls is they have to feel wanted. Some girls need the big stuff. I just don't happen to be one of those girls.

    Hope this helped. :)

    • "What my boyfriend started doing was he'd pick off a flower off of a plant or something and run it up to me when we're on a walk or something. That has to be about the cutest thing."

      that is THE CUTEST thing I have ever heard. guys--don't buy flowers, do this!

    • Amoh24-

      Haha, thanks! He really is quite the sweetie. :)

      And guys, guess what! It's free to do that too! ;) lol.

  • My boyfriend never understood the ideology behind spending money on cut flowers that die after a week--he's bought me a bouquet or two in our 6 year relationship, but recently he's been buying me small potted plants instead...they are cheaper than cut flowers and last WAY longer, especially if you transfer them outside.

  • Personally I think receiving flowers is best when their isn't a specific reason behind giving them, like v-day or a birthday. Just because you were thinking of her and wanted to do something nice. Even if it is just a group of 3 roses from the grocery store for $4.99. You don't have to spend a fortune to give a girl flowers, it is just nice to know our guy is thinking about us, without being told to!

  • I love getting flowers. They're obviously not necessary in a relationship, but they're sweet. And it's not like I want them every second Saturday of the month or for every holiday. It's just something sweet for those little holidays like sweetest day and valentine's day.

  • I like the thought of flowers when its a special occasion or if I'm sick or something but if I receive flowers out of the blue its seems like he is trying to make up for something he has done and feels guilty about!

  • Flowers are a sweet thing to get girls, on valentines day, a birthday or just random occasions. No you don't have to get a girl flowers at all. Its just something cute and nice and the girls really appreciate it. It can really make their day sometimes. =]

    • I think I get what you're saying. The key is being spontaneous about it. Thanks for the writing =)

  • I love getting flowers because I know my boyfriend thinks I'm special it makes me feel wanted! Flowers aren't just for occasions and every relationship has flowers somewhere e.g Anniversary or even birthdays!


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