Why do foreign people make such a big deal of Jamaica?

Hey peeps, I'm your typical Caribbean Jamaican girl, coming to you all with a very important question. Why do Foreigners make such a big deal of Jamaica? Especially when people hear when I talk ,most go crazy over my accent, and it just seems weird. Apart, from the stupid, untrue stereotypes that I'm sure many of you have heard about my country, what makes Jamaica so popular to you? Is it the food, music or religion? I've had to unfriend at least 10 people from my Facebook because many kept making really stupid ignorant comments about Rastafarianism and smoking weed. Smh, half of my family are Rastafarians and we take our Religion very seriously. But from what I've seen many Foreign people take Rastafarians for a joke, and think its all about weed smoking and having dreadlocks SMH!

Rastafarianism is way deeper and much more spiritual than any of that, or what many outsiders who don't really understand may think.

Its just irritating. Don't get me wrong I know not all non-Jamaicans are like this, and there's certainly nothing wrong if you have an interest in a particular country so long as it is a GENUINE one.

For example its just like K-pop/ K-drama obsessed fans moving to Korea to get their unrealistic view of a K-drama/K-pop Korean boyfriend lol. How silly. Instead of actually appreciating the country for what it really signifies deep within the hearts of its people and culture.

I just basically wanted to say, it's best to have a genuine love/interest for a country and respect than having unrealistic views towards it. And also never rely on stupid stereotypes, because they aren't always what you believe to be true! Please comment down below your thoughts.
Why do foreign people make such a big deal of Jamaica?
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