Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, friend, brother, or any other man in your life? Look no further - we've...
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Grocery Store Tips

1. Park next to the cart corral If you are lazy or efficient, park your car next to the cart corral. For one, only one person can...
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Gift ideas, Gift items for adult lovers

Gift items for adult lovers a meaningful gift indicates that we knew and thought about her interests (and her preferences must be...
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Does bad packaging annoy you?

Bad packaging is a common frustration for consumers. Whether it's difficult to open, wasteful, or poorly designed, bad packaging can be...
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Car Brands Ranked From MOST👍 To LEAST👎 Reliable 🇯🇵🇰🇷 Part I

Note: 'Major' brands are always mentioned first in bold with 'minor' brands (such as luxury ones and acquired ones) written in brackets....
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My Review of the 2012 Ford Fusion SE as a new driver

This is my first car, a 2012 Fusion SE. When it came into my possession last year, it had 237k miles on it. It now has 238,880. Talk...
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Why Peugeot is The Greatest Car Manufacturer Ever (Not Toyota)

In response to this myTake... I think you could easily make a case for any of about five different companies as being "The Greatest...
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87, 89, 91: What even is Super Premium Gasoline?

I ride an antique motorcycle so I can't buy any of them... But we'll get to that. First things first, what is the difference between...
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What is your default Christmas gift?

What do you get someone when you don't know them well enough? Do you get different gifts for girls than for guys? or do u not give gifts...

Do you believe online reviews?

I am starting to think that they are all fake.
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To use or not to use?

Should I save my gifts to regift? My friend/acquaintance gave me a gift card for my birthday. Should I use it, or gift it to someone...

What’s missing for Christmas gifts?

I’m going anonymous here. I’ve bought my mum a few pieces of jewellery, a red silk dressing gown, a Moroccan glasswork ornament, then...

Which credit card should I keep?

Card 1 - very low limit, cash back each month Card 2 - can't view transactions online; must wait for monthly paper statement in the...
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If you were in the market for a table which pattern would you prefer?

Working around the house and decided to cut down a few hickory trees and am going to be making a table and 2 chairs to start. I more...
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How often do you use Curbside Pick-Up when shopping?

I'm not sure if this is just an American thing, but it became popular during Covid times and it looks like it's here to stay.
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Have you ever broken something unintentionally that wasn't yours?

Like an item at a grocery store, or something similar?
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Do you prefer Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

I prefer Cyber Monday especially online. Black Friday stores get too damn crowded and I don’t do packed stores too well. I can just shop...
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Which rug color looks best?

Which of these two rug colors is more visually appealing to most? vote 🗳️
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Asking for a gift back after a break up: Unbelievably rude or justified in some situations?

So what do you think about this one. In many relationships people exchange gifts. Would you ever consider asking something back after a...
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I need help with clothes and clothes sizes for a petite teen. What should I buy for my niece?

I am planning to buy her clothes but I have no idea what to buy or what size I should buy. My 14-year-old niece is about 5'3" and very...

Boyfriend Didn't Get Me Anything For My Birthday, Not Even A Card?

I may sound selfish but I'm a little hurt that my boyfriend didn't get me something for my birthday.He remembered and said he was broke...
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As a christian will you stop shopping at Target?

For now on I willbe shopping at Walmart Target merchandise is I have no words. I know I am going to get a lot of hate. Satan and rainbow...
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