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Do you still shop at the mall?

do you still like going to or shopping at the mall these days?
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What's Omega Mart? Do you shop at Omega Mart?
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Has your girlfriend/wife ever caught you watching the QVC shopping network?

I swear I was just planning to buy a gift for her. My pants were down so I could reach my wallet.
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Do you prefer diamonds or pearls?

Personally , I prefer pearls. Propose to me with a pearl please. I mean diamonds are all sparkly and glamorous yes... but pearls seem much more sophisticated and elegant. I guess my go-to earrings are diamond studs or...
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Is this a good gift idea for an aunt I don't know very well? I really hope she likes it
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Whats something you like to collect?

Hello my name is Desi and I am an addict 😭 lol im usually smart and not an impulsive buyer. But since April, i have been buying things i didn't plan to. Today i spent $500 on groceries, CDs and DVDs to add to my...
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If you were to win the lottery tomorrow during this #coronacrisis, what would your money (for ex. $1 million) go towards?

Would you be smart with it? I mean what can you really do with it rn aside from save? Maybe help others less fortunate and jobless rn? I saw a lot of apartments dropping rent like by $500. Thats hella good. I’m tempted...
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Would you ever purchase a vintage touch tip lighter?

So right now I was watching a classic movie, the maltese falcon 1941. That a scene caught my attention. I noticed this lighter: That I was like “whoa, I want that 😯”....
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Should I blow a majority of my check on my birthday or is it best to save it?

I have expensive taste but I also save a lot then kinda blow a big amount at once. For Christmas I didn't spend as much as I wanted and I also didn't go Black Friday shopping. But I did go to the casino for Christmas and...
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Have you ever bought from the black market?

Or do you know someone who does or someone who had their stuff stolen and then sold there?
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Why do people still get upset when they see BLACK men with BEAUTIFUL WHITE women?

Two African Americans on the Cub team (Jason Heyward and Dexter Fowler) has sparked negative criticism on social media in which many black women were calling them self hatred and coon for both marrying white women. One...
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Americans Will Buy ANYTHING!!! Top Five Stupid Infomercial products

If you've ever watched TV you are probably familiar with the Infomercial and the "As Seen on TV" product. Some like Oxi Clean or Flex Seal are awesome and work well. But, these are some products that just plain stupid...
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Window Shopping at Walmart

The man that wore leggings "OMG this is so funny and an awesome take! I felt as though i really went shopping with you to Walmart lol" @Fitness-Fanatic "It's a really interesting take. I look forward to going shopping...
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Period pain simulator shopping?

I'm looking for a way to simulate period pains on my boyfriend because we have a bet going, I've seen them in use before on YouTube but I can't find them anywhere online anyone can help?...
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Is this a good gift for my boyfriend?

A little back story. My boyfriend and I are absolutely obsessed with Lord of the Rings. You may think you are, but honey, I have 73 LOTR soundtracks on my laptop 😂 Anyway, I was thinking about giving him the Evenstar...
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The Death of the American Retail Empire: Where did we go wrong?

All over the USA sights like these are becoming all too common. Abandoned malls and retail stores left empty after going out of business. 2017 is a bad year for retail. KMart and Sears at one time the nation's top two...
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If a WOMAN looks like a MAN does she still need to wear a bikini top when out in public?

For example meet Caroline Wang who is a biological female
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