Institutionalized Nihilism

"I do not care."

Institutionalized Nihilism

This is a very powerful phrase. It is one of an almost disasterous level of destruction that can leave a person's emotional landscape a wasteland and packs more punch than any and all insults combined. Apathy towards another person is equivalent to killing them and apathy towards society is equivalent to killing yourself; there is nothing good that has come from apathy. Many times I've heard that a person who acts as though they do not care is genuine however if a person's genuineness leads them down a path where they do not care do you really want to be around them?

People seek to remove their heartstrings instead of learning how to control them and instead of the difficult journey of emotional growth will take the lower road of complete avoidance. There is nothing genuine about a person who goes out of their way to avoid having to take responsibility for themselves as a person unless one considers the inability to mature a genuine notion.

Not knowing what is going on with your neighbor or calling any and all matters private to avoid having to deal with them is ignorance. Being lacking in a communal sense is foolishness. There is nothing good that comes from this, and while there are indeed lines for privacy the refusal to intervene except in the broad sense is what leads to tragedies such as hate crimes and/or suicides. Many times the people who commit these activities show complete signs of their tendencies and hide nothing and yet because no one cared nothing happened. The reality of mankind's decadence towards one another is a frightening thing; the level of preventative care not being taken, despite all the knowledge in the world, is sickening at best.

The global attitude of "It isn't my problem" in industrialized countries is so shocking. In cultures where people are tight-knit everyone is significantly happier, significantly healthier on the whole, less likely to commit crime, and more likely to be charitable in times of crises. I have spoken out many years against individualism however now that it has achieved a state of Institutionalized Nihilism where people have decided that fundamentally the very cores of human behavior and economics just don't matter to them the war is lost.

Isolation is the new philosophy. There are people surrounded by thousands of others who feel more alone than those who live in villages and small townships of three-hundred. The notion of the population getting larger and yet more people feeling alone despite the mathematical reality that there is more than likely a huge level of commonality and odds for truer companship is because of this mentality and this mentality alone. "Being yourself" has now become equivalent to "Being alone". "Being geniune" has now become equivalent to "Being self-sufficient".

A shame that even a place like this, dedicated to reliance on your fellow man, is poisoned by the inability to communicate and discuss because autonomy is now threatened by any negative word. People complain that there is no genuineness in the world and yet believe that the man who cares nothing for his fellow man is more genuine than the man who gives to charity; even if only for show, or only for personal satisfaction, what good he does!

It is better to give a dollar and feed a man "to look good" than to keep your dollar to be genuine.

This war is lost.

Institutionalized Nihilism
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