Broken Heart!!!

Broken Heart.!!!!!!!!!

Your heart is broken it hurts so bad,

your eyes are heavy and so sad.

You don't know why it came to be,

but you know your heart aches to be free.

Free from the pain and the sorrow,

in hopes, there will be a brighter tomorrow.

A day when the pain has left your heart,

and you finally know you'll make a new start.


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  • I love poetry , because it's expressions written from the heart & soul.

    It's a beautiful poem and I love the photo of the horse. Is it your horse?


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  • That's very sweet. Unfortunately I'm going through exactly what your poem is talking about right now. I appreciate the positivity at the end. I hope to make a new start as well, but I need a little more time first

  • Beautiful, and a refreshing find on here 😊 thank you for sharing your writing, and your pretty baby 😄 what's his/her name?

    • Thank you. and her name is peaches. she's a 4 year old

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    • She's a hugger. and she Loves kids

    • Awww 😊 those are the best. I love quarter horses because they are so even tempered. I decided I needed to ride horses, family couldn't afford it, so I got myself hired at a barn when I was 13, lol. Worked every weekend cleaning out stalls, picking hooves, giving baths, feeding & watering, cleaning tack, etc. Learned to appreciate the couple hours I got to ride on Sundays in exchange. There's so much more to them than just getting on and going. Some of my favorite time with them wasn't while riding. Did that for several years, I loved it.

      The quarter horses were always the most steady, in every sense of the word. They could handle the kids who were squirmy, thunderstorms, dogs, other horses. I had an Arabian who had the most graceful trot I've ever felt, because he was so dainty, and a thoroughbred who was a lot of fun but super skittish. The quater horse I mentioned was solid as could be.

      She's a beauty 😊 I'm glad you get to enjoy her.

  • that's really good. I feel that way sometime it's also very hard for me to get over my crushes

  • Break my heart, I'll break your face.

    ... The End.

  • Such a beautiful form of expression!

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